6 Reasons to Wax Your Car Today

April 27, 2020

Does your car really need a regular waxing? A lot of car wash services offer waxing on their menu, but many car owners don’t know if its a necessity. Ask any professional detailer and they’ll tell you “absolutely”. Here are 6 reasons your car needs a fresh wax job, ASAP.

6 Benefits of Waxing Your Car

  1. Shine On – Everyone wants their ride to have that new-car shine, right? A quality wax will give your car’s paint job amazing clarity and depth. While auto waxes have gotten easier to use, they can still leave behind streaks if you don’t know what you’re doing. Professional detailers use high quality wax and microfiber cloths to make cars sparkle. Say goodbye to the tedious “wax on, wax off”!
  2. Protective Layers – In the winter, you wear a coat. In the summer, there’s sunscreen and hats. Doesn’t your car deserve some layers of protection, too? After all, it’s exposed to a lot more than we are. Tree sap, harsh sun, bird droppings, bugs, road salt, and rain are just some of the contaminants that can plague your ride. Even if you have a garage, your car may take more of a beating than you realize. A fresh coat of wax every few months will help prevent an expensive repaint.
  3. Easy Washing – A fresh layer of wax prevents things like bugs, sap, dirt, and road grime from actually making contact with your car’s paint. So when you get a regular wash, contaminates practically slide right off. A professional wax isn’t just used on your car’s paint either, it is also buffed into your vehicle’s windows, mirrors, and headlights to encourage clear vision during the elements including beading and corrosion protection. 
  4. Hides and Prevents Small Scratches – No, the wax won’t take scratches out of your car, but it’ll fill them in. The visibility of shallow scratches is pretty much nil with a coat of well-applied wax. The same goes for chips! Filling in scratches with wax costs much less than removing clear coat to cover them. Also, a layer of auto wax helps dirt particles to slide off the body of your car so they don’t grind into the paint.
  5. Easier on Your Wallet - Having a car repainted is expensive. That’s why most auto manufacturers will tell you to wax your car on a regular schedule. It’s also why any good detailing service will offer waxing on their menu. Adding a wax to your car's maintenance routine will extend the life of it's paint job. It doesn’t just work by preventing scratches, it can also help avoid fading and discoloration. 

Hire a Professional Today

Experts suggest having your vehicle waxed by a professional every three months. At Tommy Terrific’s, our team of detailers are experts at waxing your car for that high gloss shine. While your car gets the luxury, sit back and relax in our comfortable lounge. Treat yourself - and your ride! Come down to the best car wash in Plano, Texas today for a full-service car wash and wax.