Best Practices to Keep Your Car in Shape

April 12, 2021

When we buy a car we tend to spend a lot of our time researching the car make, model, features, average miles per gallon it gives, etc.We forget that a very crucial part in the upkeep of the car comes much later. We often neglect the fact that our job is not complete after the purchase.You are going to be in a soup sooner or later if you use the car daily and ignore its routine maintenance.Is hand washing the best option for the car or should you go to a car wash? Hand car wash near me. How frequent is too frequent to wash my car? Am I overdoing my car wash routine or underdoing it? These are some of the questions you might have while choosing your car care routine. Yes! That can be a thing. If you can have a skincare routine, hair care routine, why not a car care routine? If you are looking for a hand car wash near me Tommy Terrific's Car wash is your go-to place.

Here are some practices you should follow to uphold the quality of your car for a long time:

Avoid Delaying Fixes

We often use the car with some fault and get distracted just enough to ignore the problem as long it's not bothering us. This behavior might encourage the minor hiccup to snowball into a colossal problem.

Let's not avoid any delays in fixing problems in the car. Get it fixed by the mechanic as soon as the problem arises because it helps save money and a lot of your time.

Picking a Good Car Wash

Prevention is better than cure. If you decide to get your car washed twice a month (which is advised), spend some time online to look for the best possible service that suits your car's needs.

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We offer Full Service, Express Wash, Max Shield, and Monthly Plan to fulfill your car washing needs.

Each service has its own set of car washing and cleaning features because your car deserves the best.

Schedule Regular Checkups

Your vehicle requires routine checkups with a mechanic to ensure the internal gear is in proper working condition. Set up appointments at regular intervals to check the oil, battery, tires, brake lights, and headlights, etc.

The mechanic knows his job and is well aware of solving a problem before it arises. It is better to be safe than sorry.

These were some of the tips you can try to preserve and nurture your vehicle. Also, stop by Tommy Terrific's Car wash in Plano to browse all the car wash features offered.

We guarantee that you will find a plan that is well suited for you and your car.