How to Keep Your Car Clean During the Changing Seasons

April 27, 2020

We may not get abundance of snow in this part of Texas, but winter does bring wind and rain! Before the cold weather sets in, it's a good idea to prep your vehicle.

Winter maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated! Anything from a thorough exterior wash to a fresh coat of wax will help keep your car looking good and running well. Here are 4 easy-to-implement tips you can use to maintain a clean ride when the weather cools down.

1. Switch Out Carpet Mats for Rubber

You’ll be glad you did! The next time it rains or snows, you won’t be worried about muddy shoe prints ruining your interior. Consider adding a thick towel under the rubber to soak up any spills. This is important, as road salt used after snow and ice storms can stain the carpet. 

Additionally, water-soaked floor mats can contribute to corrosion and rust. The longer you leave unfavorable stains, the harder they can be to get out. An interior detail following a wet day or before winter sets in will tidy up any existing stains. 

2. Parking Pros and Cons

Parking in a heated garage seems ideal for winter. However, you should consider the frozen, salty slush on your vehicle. As it melts, it can react with the road salt, speeding corrosion.

Parking outside presents a problem, as your car is exposed to the elements. You do avoid the melting snow and salt combo, but freezing temps aren’t good for your vehicle. 

The best solution is to regularly wash your car after storms. If you notice road salt on your car’s undercarriage or side panels, bring it in for a wash! Professional washing can save your paint job and prevent rust. 

3. Just To Reiterate...Wash, wash, wash! 

Car manufacturers recommend washing your car every 10 days in the winter. Aim for days where the outside temp is higher than 40 degrees. 

It’s also a good idea to visit your favorite car wash during the day. Nighttime temps often dip to freezing in the winter, which will prevent your vehicle from drying well. 

Be sure to find a car wash that uses high-pressure washing or hand washing. You want every crevice of your car clean of debris and road salt.

4. Dry your ride completely

Professional car washes that use a combination of hand drying and forced air are the best for getting every bit of water off your car. This is critical in the winter! They should leave your car doors open so no water trapped and allowed to pool. 

A hand washing service is really the best way to go in winter. Especially if they offer auto waxing on their services menu. Also, you should have your whole car waxed and sealed. Waxing prevents chips and fills in any scratches your car got over summer and fall. 

Keep Your Ride Squeaky Clean this Winter at Tommy Terrific’s 

Sit back and relax in our top-of-the-line lounge this winter! At Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash, we do all the hard work for you while you stay warm and dry. Your car will receive the highest quality hand wash and detail by our knowledgeable crew. We know your car is an investment. Keep it looking clean and running well this winter by stopping by the best car wash in Plano, Texas.