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September 3, 2020

Summer is fading and it’s time to start preparing your vehicle for the cooler months ahead. Here are a few essential car care tips to help keep your vehicle in top condition no matter what elements come your way.

Prepare your automobile for fall and winter by visiting the best car wash near me - Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash!

Fall and Winter Car Care Tips

Disinfect Your Interior

It’s no secret that Spring and Summer 2020 have been usual, to say the least. On top of normal vehicle protection and care regimens, it is also a good idea to incorporate regular disinfection to the routine. Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash uses an EPA-registered interior disinfectant mist delivered via compressed air to combat everyday contamination that may be collecting in your vehicle interior - especially on door handles, the steering wheel, the gear shifter, and seat belts. All full service washes at our Flagship Plano location include a complimentary driver area disinfection service at arrival. Full vehicle interior disinfection available at our Plano location. *Interior disinfection service is $40 with purchase of the Mini Detail.

Rejuvenate Your Leather

Warmer weather combined with sun exposure can dry out, crack, and discolor your vehicle’s leather interior. Maintain your investment and keep your interior looking new following the harsh elements of summer with regular professional leather care by Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash. Our leather cleaner and conditioner cleanses and rejuvenates your leather interior to keep your ride looking as good as new. *Leather treatments available at Tommy Terrific’s full-service Plano location.

Protect and Seal

It is recommended by most vehicle manufacturers to apply a wax coating at minimum, seasonally. This will help defend your automobile from early rain and frosts, protecting it’s exterior from the moisture and cold. At Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash, we use premium carnauba wax with blended silicones and polymers for a deeper shine that lasts significantly longer. Adding a barrier between your paint and outside elements is key to keeping UV rays, road grime, and falling leaves from causing damage. *Professional wax available at Tommy Terrific’s full-service Plano location.

Wash Your Vehicle Regularly

Washing your vehicle regularly is an important aspect of good car care, but this becomes even more important during the fall and winter months. Cooler seasons punish your car with wind debris, rain, falling leaves, road salt, de-icing liquid, and other elements. Keeping your vehicle clean is key to protecting your ride from potential hazards before they have a chance to eat away at it’s finish. Consider registering for Tommy Terrific’s monthly plan at the best car wash near me. *Monthly plans only available at Tommy Terrific’s express car washes in Dallas.

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