Professional Car Detailing in Plano: Is it worth it?

July 31, 2020

Is professional car detailing in Plano worth paying for? Why not just do it yourself? A bottle of cleaner and a few paper towels should do the trick, right? 

Well, maybe not. 

In this article, you’ll learn why paying the pros to spiff up your car may actually SAVE you money in the long run. 

4 Benefits of Professional Detailing

  1. Instant Gratification
  2. Alright, this doesn’t have so much to do with money as it does your emotional wellbeing. But that’s priceless, right? When you take your car for car detailing in Plano, not only do you spare yourself the labor and time, you get a high quality clean.
  3. When you choose a professional detail your ride comes back looking nearly brand new. A professional detailer finds crumbs and stains in even the hardest to reach spots, so you know that nothing goes unnoticed. 
  4. You Get What You Pay For 
  5. Sure, you could hire your neighbor’s kid to vacuum and wipe out your car. But professionals have the skill and experience to carefully remove stains (we see your coffee splashes, ketchup smears, yogurt splotches). 
  6. Not only will their cleaning materials remove ground-in dirt and debris, but they’ll also help your interior last longer. Inexperienced cleaners may use harsh chemicals that only contribute to wear and tear. 
  7. At the Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash Plano location, you receive a range of full-service treatments. With services starting at $30, you can get as nitty-gritty with your clean as you want. We also offer interior disinfectants. And in these uncertain times that peace of mind is worth the value. 
  8. From the Outside, In 
  9. Did you know car detailing in Plano isn’t just for your car’s interior? A good outer detail includes cleaning, shine treatments, a careful rinse, and a ceramic coating seal to prevent chips and scratches! 
  10. And the clean doesn’t stop with the body of your vehicle. You can expect wheel brighteners, undercarriage rinse, and mirrors are blown out to perfection. 
  11. Long Term Savings
  12. The resale value of your car is determined by a lot of things. Two critical factors? The condition of your interior and how well you’ve maintained your exterior! Rust stains, road salt damage, stained upholstery - those are all going to cost you when it comes time for a trade-in! 
  13. Regular professional detailing can save you big bucks when you’re ready to sell or trade your car in. It makes sense to invest in your ride, doesn’t it? 

Looking for expert car detailing in Plano? Look no further than Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash 

Experts recommend annual car detailing to maintain the market value of your ride. Sometimes it can make as much as 15% difference in your trade-in or resale value! You wouldn’t ignore a check engine light or a weird clunk or squeal, would you? So why ignore those unsightly stains? Come on down to Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash today and let the professionals protect your four-wheeled investment.