The Benefits of Holiday Car Detailing in Plano

December 15, 2020

The holidays are upon us, and soon you'll be driving near or far to celebrate. Making time for a car wash is a must, but you've been debating whether you should schedule an auto detail or not. You're not alone! The question of whether you should get your car detailed before or after your trip is one that is frequently asked.

Don't worry, the experts at Tommy Terrific's are here to help. Here are five reasons to get your vehicle detailed before the holidays come around with Tommy Terrific's car detailing in Plano.

Get Stress Relief

Between holiday shopping, decorating, and wrapping presents, you have more than enough to worry about without adding the stress of cleaning your car. When you bring your vehicle to the experts at Tommy Terrific's Car Wash, you gain access to a full range of car wash services and cross one more thing off your winter to-do list.

Prepare Your Car for Visitors

For many of us, the holidays mean spending time with family and friends. Whether it's picking up a loved one from the airport or piling everyone in your vehicle to head to grandma's house, you're bound to have people in your car. Prepare your vehicle for visitors and impress your guests with a $60 mini detail from Tommy Terrific's Car Wash.

Sanitize Your Interior

We disinfect our hands and our home, but what about our cars? Sanitizing your vehicle's interior is especially important as flu season approaches. An interior disinfectant is the best way to ensure a clean car environment for you and your family. At Tommy Terrific's Car Wash, we use a fine mist connected to a specialized compressed air gun to spray disinfectant on all of your vehicle's surfaces, carpets, and inside A/C vents.

A Clean Car is a Safer Car

A clean car is proven to be a safer car. Interior that is free of loose items and windows free of dirt helps keep your eyes on the road without distraction. A professional car detail can also remove mud, grime, snow, salt, or ice from your finish and upholstery before it causes lasting damage. Car detailing in Plano is one of the best ways to prevent wear and tear and help with accident prevention before you embark on a holiday road-trip this season.

Look and Feel Great

It's no secret that a clean car looks and feels better than a dirty one. A professionally cleaned car has a beautiful shine, smells great, and feels wonderful to drive. When in doubt, give yourself the gift of a clean car this season with professional car detailing in Plano from Tommy Terrific's Car Wash.

Happy Holidays!