Touchless Car Wash in Plano

April 27, 2020

Do you care about keeping your luxury car looking its best and doing right by the environment? Then it’s time to find yourself a great touchless car wash in Plano

Regular trips to a touchless car wash are the best way to protect the value and look of your car, while being environmentally conscious.

Want to know more? Tommy Terrific’s has the answers!

Benefits of Touchless Car Washes: Environmentally Friendly 

  • When you wash your car at home, it’s easy to go through more than 150 gallons of water. Touchless car washes use only about 35 gallons. 
  • In traditional car washes and at home, detergents and soaps can leach into your city or town’s groundwater supply. That kind of pollution is eliminated with touchless systems. 
  • When you choose a  touchless car wash in Plano, you’re supporting a business that reclaims water for washing! It is treated, cleaned, and used for future customers. We also use special LED lighting that uses less energy over time. We like to ensure that our whole operation is mindful!  
  • At Tommy’s, we stick to biodegradable, pH-balanced shampoos to ensure that your paint job isn’t harmed and that our environmental impact is minimal. 

Benefits of Touchless Car Washes: Luxury Car Friendly

  • A good touchless car wash will utilize brushless technology. They use high pressure sprayers to clean the surface of your vehicle. Unlike typical automated car wash systems that require sponges and brushes, a touchless car wash in Plano won’t scratch your paint job. Continual rinsing means grit doesn’t have time to accumulate. 
  • Did you know that scratches caused by washing with sponges and brushes can be as deep as 10% of the thickness of your car’s paint? Scratches ruin the look of your car and it’s resale value. 
  • The high power spray of touchless car washes cleans your entire car. Not just the sides and top. We know you expect a high-end clean for your luxury vehicle. That’s why we ensure the high performing undercarriage gets a thorough wash as well.    

Clean, classy, and comfortable: full service, no-touch car wash in Plano, TX 

At Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash, we’re home to a state-of-the-art touchless car wash system. We use high power sprays, resulting in better cleaning and a superior wash. 

We’re elevating the traditional car wash experience to the next level. Our goal is to deliver a relaxing and reassuring experience to residents of the Plano area. Not to mention a car detailing that meets even the highest of expectations. Come on by Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash and kick back with a glass of wine while we polish your ride.