What is Car Detailing?

June 8, 2021

Car detailing or auto detailing is a subjective and important part of the upkeep of the vehicle. Car detailing has two types- Interior detailing and exterior detailing. Interior detailing consists of deep cleaning the interior of the car cabin. It can include making changes and cleaning the carpet and seat upholstery, vacuuming the interior of the vehicle, and polishing the surfaces in the car to give it a good shine – Car detailing near me.

Car detailing both interior and exterior is mostly accomplished to enhance the vehicle's cosmetic value rather than the smooth functioning of the car. If you are looking for car detailing options or a car wash near Dallas with top-notch services then head over to Tommy Terrific’s Car wash.

Tommy Terrific’s Car wash offers plenty of options to maintain the interior and exterior of your vehicle. One of the services provided is Mini Detail which covers the inside of the vehicle by vacuuming the dashboard, dusting the console, cup holders, and the windows cleaned from inside.

One of the added bonuses offered in mini details is dusting the interior with compressed air. It includes dash, doors, and consoles cleaning with leather/vinyl cleaner and later protected with crème protectant. – Car detailing near me.

One of the other services offered to upkeep the interior of the car is the Interior disinfectant service. The purpose of the service is to clean and disinfect the interior of the vehicle.

In this service, a fine mist is attached to a compressed air gun that is sprayed inside the ac vents. The vehicle is disinfected on the inside by carefully cleaning the carpets, seat belts, headliners, seats, door panels, trunk, etc. This service especially comes in handy during the time of a pandemic. The pandemic has certainly not been an easy change in our lives but let’s face it, it is here to stay and we have to wrap our lives around it. Having used the interior disinfectant service will provide you with a sense of relief regarding the safety of your loved ones. – car detailing near me.

Tommy Terrific goes above and beyond to provide outstanding services in and around the Plano and Dallas areas in Texas. If you are in the neighborhood and need a car wash or car detailing service while casually sipping coffee and lounging while your car is taken care of stopover at Tommy Terrific’s Car wash in Dallas or Plano location. – car detailing near me.

Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash also offers a clean car guarantee with mini detail. It entitles the car owner to bring the car back within five days with any reason to receive max exterior wash. The only catch is to present the receipt. The five-day offer commences on the first day of purchase of services.