Why Your Car Requires a Regular Car Wash

May 28, 2021

A car wash is an important aspect of the upkeep of a car. Regular car washing is also cheap and saves a lot of time and resources. Besides being beneficial for the environment by using less amount of soap and water that is used twofold when washing your car at home, it also protects the shine and paint of the exterior that can be chipped while scrubbing your car by yourself.

One of the go to places for car wash in Dallas is Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash. They offer plenty of services to keep your car squeaky clean on the interior and exterior. What’s more, the customers get a free vacuum at Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash.

Tommy Terrific prides itself in providing top-notch car cleaning and upkeep services to its clients. The customers can choose from good, better, and max exterior car wash options at Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash.  The level of cleaning and maintenance required by the car can help the customer in deciding on the plan they want.

Good exterior is appropriate for cars that are not heavily dirty and require a little touch-up of cleaning. The better exterior is well suited for cars that require a rigorous cleaning and for car owners that enjoy the first-rate cleaning of their car. Max exterior as the name insinuates is for premium customers who want to enjoy a superior service that is inclusive of every perk you can think of. Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash is a car wash in Dallas and Plano.

Here are some of the benefits of regular car washing:

·         Instead of car washing at home, car washing done by professionals will reduce the waste and harmful element released in the environment and is a sound decision to protect the environment.

·         Car wash done by professionals will have long-lasting and better results for the car in the long run. Inadequate information about the cleaning products used on the car can lead to paint breakdown and loss of shine.

·         Regular car washing habit can lead to a successful run of the car and in turn, is beneficial to the owner with fewer expenses piling on in the future.

Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash is known to provide premium car washing and maintenance services to our clients. We currently have 3 locations in Texas. You can avail of our car washing services at any of our three branches. Our Plano branch is the flagship location. Our Dallas branches are located at Ross Avenue and Forest Lane respectively- car wash in Dallas.

For further questions and to know more about our services in detail click on this link. We look forward to serving you.