How often should you wash your car?

August 16, 2021

If you’re a car owner, by now you’re probably familiar with the fact that your car needs more than rain to stay clean. And if you’re a new car owner, then it’s highly important to take note--your car needs to be washed, thoroughly and with the right stuff. Water can do wonders, but without the proper soaps, you can actually do more harm than good. With that being said, just how often should you wash your car?

Every Two Weeks

Car wash near me? Then maybe in the next two weeks you should take it for a wash. Because about fourteen days is the recommended time frame to get your vehicle cleaned. This is because a lot can happen in that time. Weather changes, pedestrians walk by, animals do as well. Unless your car is sitting safe in a garage, the elements and life on the street make a car dirty in no time. And if you want to keep your car in good condition, then you should definitely keep on top of your cleaning schedule. There is one exception though. If you do a lot of dirt road driving or drive in conditions that aren’t just your average street, you may want to wash your car even more than two weeks.


Car wash in Dallas? We have you covered because there’s another reason why you should wash your car every two weeks--weather. Hypothetically you washed your car a week and a half ago. The chance of rain in the time span is probably high unless you live in an area where rain is scarce. Even so, other weather conditions can deteriorate your car’s exterior rather quickly. So even if you don’t remember if it snowed or rained two days ago, washing your car every two weeks can take away the guesswork. Then you can look into car detailing near me next.

Keep your car looking good

But before you start looking into car detailing in Dallas, one last reason you should take your car in for a wash every two weeks is because it will simply keep your car looking good. No one wants to drive around in a debris covered car where the paint is chipping away. When it comes to selling it one day or trading it in, a car with a good coat will always sell way better.