green practices

Green Clean

Tommy’s uses pH-balanced, biodegradable shampoos in our cleaning process to minimize environmental impact.

Water Capture

Our stores use water reclaim systems that capture about 99% of water used during the wash process. That water is then recycled by the city’s sewage treatment facility for later use. When you wash your vehicle at home, not only do you use approximately three times as much water as a commercial conveyor car wash, the dirty water and chemicals from the soaps and cleaners drain into storm sewers, polluting our local lakes and streams.


Our landscaping is comprised mostly of native plants to help minimize the amount of water needed to keep them healthy, happy and looking their best. Texas is often rain-deprived and water-scarce during the hot summer months and we want to make sure we are not wasting a valuable resource by planting vegetation better suited for wetter climates. And hey y'all, the Lone Star State has plenty of natural, native beauty to offer!

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