How To Keep Your Car Safe in Flash Flooding

September 15, 2021

No matter what region you live in, flash flooding can happen fast and it can be dangerous. With the weather always changing and flooding becoming all-too-common, it’s time to take the threat seriously and not only protect your car but also yourself. When a flash flood occurs, there’s little time to act and get out of harm’s way. But we these tips, you’ll not only know how to avoid a flash flood, but how to stay safe in one as well.

Listen to warnings

Before you look for a car wash near me, be sure to check your phone and watch the news for any flash flood warnings. Because yes, flash floods can happen randomly, but there’s often an alert more times than not. In today’s age of technology, the National Weather Service makes it a point to always alert those in regions with the likelihood of flash food to occur. Staying off the road at that time is always a good idea.

Call for help ahead of time

But let’s say that you happen to be on your way to a car wash in Dallas, maybe even Tommy Terrific’s, and while you’re driving you get the alert that a flash flood is looming and the rain is already barreling down. Pullover and call for help as soon as possible. The faster that first responders know your location, the quicker that they can rescue you if need be.

Get on the car roof

You won’t have to worry too much about car detailing near me if your car happens to be underwater. The first thing that you need to worry about is saving yourself. What you should do if waters are seeping into your car, it will no longer be able to drive. Therefore, you should remove your seatbelt, roll down the windows and slip out to go on the roof. If your phone works, call first responders for help.

Take out insurance

You can start to think about car detailing in Dallas once you do one important thing in terms of saving your car from flash flooding. Take out insurance. Of course, you will have insurance for your car already, but you may not have the coverage you need. You need comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage will cover your vehicle for things that happen to it outside of accidents. One of those things is flash floods.

When the weather is good and you can drive safely, keeping your car clean should always be a priority. And for that, you need a car wash. Don’t put it off and bring it in. If you’re in need of a car wash, check out Tommy Terrific’s today!