Sip While You Wait - Hand Car Wash

July 20, 2020

The convenience of automated car washes may have captured vehicle owners this past decade, but hand car washes are here to dominate 2020 and beyond. Today, more people are opting for hand car wash services and luxury amenities like those offered at Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash - hand car wash near me.  

A Luxury Car Wash Experience

Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash in Plano, TX isn’t your average car wash. Everything from the lounge-like aesthetic to the modern artwork on the wall aims to elevate the car washing experience to a whole new level.

If that isn’t enough, the full-service bar ensures that the time spent washing your car is calming and relaxing. That’s right, Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash is the car wash you can drink at! Whether you need a comfortable place to plug in your laptop or a glass of wine, Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash is here to make your car wash experience unlike any you’ve had before.

When you order the $30 Max Full Service car wash and above, you’ll also receive a complimentary beer or wine. If you’re not big on adult beverages or it’s a bit early for happy hour, you can enjoy a coffee from local companies such as Ascension Coffee Roasters or soda from Oak Cliff Beverage Works.

Click here to view the full-menu of services at Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash in Plano, TX.

An Exclusive Clean

Giving you a comfortable place to relax and wait for your vehicle’s car wash isn’t the only thing we do well. Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash offers a superior car wash, reassuring that your vehicle is detailed with the most discerning of eyes.

The menu boasts something for every type of clean and care your vehicle may require. From the $12 Good Exterior to our $60 Hand Wash, Wax, or Mini Detail and everything in between, the experts at Tommy Terrific’s Car wash have what you need to get your car road and show ready.

For an exclusive clean, opt for Tommy Terrific’s $60 Hand Car Wash Near Me:

  • Performed with care using gentle lamb's wool mitts and pH-balanced foaming shampoo
  • Interior is vacuumed using compressed air to assist in debris removal, dash, console and cupholders dusted, windows cleaned; door jambs wiped; wheels dried and tires dressed by hand
  • ‍Watch our professional crew from a front row seat through the seamless glass windows in the lobby

*Sedan sized vehicles or smaller only

Click here to view the full-menu of services at Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash in Plano, TX.

Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash is open Monday - Saturday - 8am - 7pm, Friday - 8am - 8pm, and Sunday - 9am - 6pm. We look forward to serving you soon!