Things to Know Before Detailing Your Car

June 24, 2021

Are you looking for some car detailing in Dallas? Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash is the best place to look for car wash and car detailing services in Texas. We have locations in Plano and Dallas.

Tommy Terrific’s provide lots of options to choose the level of upkeep of your vehicle. Some of the options to choose from are full service, express wash, max shield, and monthly plans.

Each plan is unique and caters to different needs of the car owner. Car detailing or auto detailing is defined as an activity of systematically performing operations and procedures that keeps the vehicle in its best possible condition, especially cosmetic, as opposed to mechanical. – car detailing in Dallas.

Car detailing entails maintenance and upkeep of the exterior such as exterior wash and wax, vacuuming the interior of the car, cleaning the windows of the car, and polishing the surface of the car. Car detailing is especially popular in countries where the primary mode of transportation is an owned automobile. Recent studies state that the auto detailing industry in the USA alone generated twelve billion dollars in revenue. - – car detailing in Dallas.

Clearly, car detailing/auto detailing is a big industry in the USA. Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash offers a wax cleaning option to its clients. One of the key features of the wax cleaning option is the use of premium carnauba wax which contains blended silicones and polymers. The carnauba wax adds richness and depth of color and provides high gloss protection. Let’s not forget the interior that is cleaned by a vacuum using compressed air to assist in debris removal. The dash, consoles, and cup holders are dusted and the windows are also cleaned- car detailing in Dallas.

The vehicles are treated and given top-notch services to maintain its sleek and shiny appearance on the outside as well as the inside. The outside of the vehicle is cleaned with services such as foaming presoak, Two-stage wheel cleaning, clear coat conditioners, undercarriage rinse, high-pressure contour rinse, and spot-free rinse.

At Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash priority is given to the cleanliness and providing top-notch cleaning service is the rule of thumb. One of the prime services offered at Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash is Leather Care. In this service, the staff uses leather cleaner and conditioner to cleanse and rejuvenate the leather interior of the car. The use of this service at regular intervals helps the car in maintaining its value and also keeps the interior of the car looking new. – car detailing in Dallas.

Maintaining a car is a tough job on its own. At Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash we ensure that we provide top-class service to our clients and build relationships that last a lifetime.