monthly plan


MAX Monthly

  • Unlimited Max Washes
  • MAX Clean
    Hot penetration shampoo preps for maximum cleaning
  • MAX Shine
    Polish restores shine and surface clarity for optimum appearance
  • MAX Rinse
    Waterfall application fully rinses exterior neutralizing paint service
  • MAX Seal
    Ceramic coating creates a wear-resistant chemical bond to exterior
  • Tire Dressing Application
  • Mirrors Blown Out w/ Compressed Air
  • Factory-approved Touchless Air Dry
  • Wheels & Tires Touched Up by Hand
  • DripZone Dry by Hand
*Complimentary Interior Dash Wipe*
*Reserved Vacuum Lanes*
*Free Use of Our Professional-Grade Towels*


  • Free with purchase of a Tommy's car wash!
    Our vacuums totally suck.


  • Free mat cleaning machines for Tommy's customers!
    Easy to use; step-by-step instructions

how does it work?
How do I make a change?

It’s easy! Using a valid credit or debit card, select and purchase a monthly plan at either our Forest Lane, Ross Avenue, or our Flagship Plano location. Receive a unique identifying sticker placed on your windshield by our team. One plan per vehicle; sorry no sharing! Once enrolled, your plan will automatically recharge each month. Need to cancel your plan? Complete the form below to notify our team. Any changes must be submitted via the form a minimum of 72 hours in advance of your next recharge.

Monthly plan members also receive a complimentary interior dash wipe each visit! Use it that day or stash in your car in case you need an interior touch up later. Members also have the option to vacuum prior to the wash at the Ross Avenue location.

MAX Monthly plan perks!

Select the “Monthly Max” plan for VIP perks like complimentary use of Tommy's professional-grade car wash towels and access to coveted reserved vacuums lanes. Plus, it pays for itself in just two visits! Ask for the MAX!

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