4 Reasons Tommy Terrific's is the Best Car Wash in Plano

January 15, 2021

Finding a thorough, trustworthy car wash for your luxury vehicle or daily driver isn't always easy. Thankfully, Tommy Terrific's Car Wash helps make your car wash decision a simple one. Here are four reasons Tommy Terrific's is the best car wash in Plano - and why you should visit us today!

  1. You Can Relax and Enjoy a Drink (yes, we have a bar!)

Tommy Terrific's Car Wash isn't your typical car wash. From designer trash cans to the Dallas' Cameron Smith commissioned art pieces hanging on the walls, our establishment offers a welcoming and modern aesthetic.

Plugin your computer and relax with a glass of up-and-coming wine or local favorites from the Deep Ellum Brewery while we give your car the clean it deserves. If you're not big on adult beverages, other amenities include coffee from Ascension Coffee Roasters and sodas from Oak Cliff Beverage Works, all local and loved brands from our great state of Texas.

  1. We Use State of the Art Technology

When it comes to car wash technology, Tommy Terrific's is hard to beat. Enjoy full walls of seamless glass windows that offer 360-degree views of your vehicle in real-time.

On one side of the lobby, watch your vehicle move effortlessly through the 135-foot automated car wash tunnel. On the other, you'll see our dual 90-by-15 foot conveyor belts move luxury vehicles at a slow and thorough pace. At the same time, professional detail staff performs their magic in an efficient, assembly-line approach.

(Combining European technology with American luxury, Tommy Terrific's Car Wash underwent a $5 million renovation to update it's aesthetic and to incorporate this new technology.)

  1. We Offer Great Upgrades

Efficient, automated car washes only scratch the surface of what Tommy Terrific's Car Wash has to offer. We offer a complete range of car cleaning services- you’ll never want (or need) to take your car anywhere else! Explore a menu complete with a $60 Mini Detail, $60 Hand Wash, $40 Leather Care, and much more.

For superior shine and protection, opt for our $60 Wax. We use premium carnauba wax blended with silicones and polymers to add richness and depth of color while providing high gloss protection to your vehicle. When our car detail experts are finished, your car will look incredible driving down the road.

  1. We're Environmentally Friendly

At Tommy Terrific's Car Wash, we've committed to green practices that help protect and preserve our environment.

To minimize environmental impact, we use pH-balanced, biodegradable shampoos in our cleaning process. And our stores use water reclaim systems that capture 99% of the water used during the wash process. The city's sewage treatment facility then recycles that water for later use.

All of our locations also feature LED lighting, which is more expensive upfront but uses less energy over time. Even our landscaping is made up of mostly native plants to help minimize the amount of water needed to keep them happy, healthy, and looking their best.

What are you waiting for? Visit Tommy Terrific's, the best car wash in Plano today!