When's the best time to take your car for a wash

April 14, 2022

We all know that you’re going to take your car to the best car wash in Dallas, because keeping your car clean should always be a top priority. Keeping it clean leads to the paint staying in good condition, keeping the car's value just a little bit higher. But maybe you have the car wash all figured out, when do you take your car in for a cleaning? If you’re someone who takes the car to a car wash once a week religiously, then good job. But if you’re someone looking to see when the best times to get your car washed is during the year, then these tips are for you!

During a Week of Great Weather

It matters to check the weather when you’re planning to get your car washed. Because let’s say that you take your car to the car wash on a bright sunny day, but then the next, there’s a blizzard? It makes little sense to clean your car when the weather upcoming is going to undo all that work. Try to aim for a week where the days ahead either have sun or only a little rain so you can get the most for your money,

Not The Holidays

Car wash in Dallas? It might not be open while everyone is celebrating New Year’s. That is because on select days out of the year, car washes close to and you don’t want to run the risk of them being closed when you need your car washed most. That’s why you should always plan to take your car to get washed on regular days, not federal holidays.

During The Week

One good tip for when you’re doing Car washes in Dallas, is to take your car to the car wash during the week. This is because a lot of people love to get their car washed when they’re off from work. Not many enjoy working a full day and then having to take their car to get washed. But if you want faster service and fewer crowds, then you yourself should probably swing by during the week instead of the weekend.

Early Morning

Whether you’re using a regular car wash or you’re using a Touchless car wash in Dallas, one good time to go is early in the morning. This goes back to people’s work schedules again. A lot of people work in the early morning so if you want to be in and out, you should bring your car to the wash with the early bird. Sometimes, you may even catch a deal or two!

If you’re in need of a car wash, bring your car down to Tommy Terrific's car wash today!