Get Your Friends to Wash Their Cars!

May 30, 2022

By now, if you’ve been following us here at Tommy Terrific’s, then you probably understand all the benefits that come along with getting your car washed from keeping the value high, making sure it’s running properly, all the way down to the having high morale while you drive your vehicle. When you look at a car wash at a deeper level, and not just like the act of washing your car to keep it clean, you see how important it really is. But now what about your friends and their cars? When you have all this important information, you realize just how equally important it is to share that information with those closest to you. With that in mind, today we’ll go over some ways that you can get your friends out to wash their cars!

Show Them Your Ride

One of the best ways that you get your friends to take care of their cars and hit the car wash is by leading by example. When they see that your ride is squeaky clean and you’ve got a car that’s in great shape, then they’ll want to do the same. It’s not jealousy or anything like that, it’s just them realizing that it’s the way to go!

Teach Them

How do people usually find the best car wash near me? It’s through word of mouth. When people share a good word about a product or service, that is how it grows and expands. But this is also how people become educated on something that benefits their life. Sharing the necessity and positives of getting their car washed does just that.

Show the Services

Another way to get your friends and family to start washing their car the right way is to take them on a trip to their nearest car wash like us and show them the services up close. There really isn’t any substitution for someone seeing a great service with their own eyes. You can talk about it all day, but once they see it, they’ll be sold!

Talk About Value

Another thing that you can point out at your nearby car wash is the value of other cars. This is obviously because when you treat your car right and get it washed, the value of the car is far higher when you eventually go to sell. This is something that you should definitely remind your friends of. Look at it as a long-term investment where they’re keeping their prime investment intact through regular maintenance. They simply can’t go wrong with a car wash!

Skip your nearest car wash and stop on into Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash today!