Are Car Wash Extras Worth It?: Automatic Car Wash in Dallas

October 23, 2020

Pull up to a car wash in Dallas and you'll encounter an array of menu options. Should you pay more for a triple shine? Is a two-stage wheel brightener worth it? And what exactly is ceramic coating, anyway?

It gets confusing, and you don’t want to take up too much time interpreting services when there are cars lining up behind you. That’s why the experts at Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash gathered these insider tips.

Keep reading to find out what your car needs and what will make your car look better at our car washes in Dallas.

Car Wash Extras

I’m sure from visiting one of our Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash locations, you’ve heard the term ceramic coating with our MAX Exterior or MAX Full Service Wash. What exactly is the Max Shield System Step 4: Ceramic Coating?  

Ceramic Coating when applied to a vehicles paint, bonds chemically with the surface (clear coat) to form a sleek barrier that repels water and contaminants. The ceramic creates a thin layer of protection, which then protects the vehicles paint surface and makes water slide off the vehicle’s surface. Ceramic can restore the brilliance of a vehicle’s paint to that showroom shine look!

Since ceramic creates a slick surface, cleaning is a breeze, just a quick trip through Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash is all you need! However, vehicle owners searching for long-lasting protection from the elements may opt for a professional wax application from Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash full-service location in Plano.

The Bottom Line: Are Car Wash Extras Worth It?

Car wash extras aren’t necessary all the time, but to help protect and restore your clear coat and paint, car wash extras are totally worth it! Pamper yourself and your car from clear guard to ceramic coating that give your car an extra shine, car wash extras are a great way to give your car a little extra love and care.

Visit Tommy Terrific’s automatic car wash locations in Dallas or our full-service car wash location in Plano today for a superior clean!