Get Back to School Ready with a Car Wash - Car Detailing in Plano

September 3, 2020

The end of summer is fast-approaching - and though it may look different this year - that means  it’s back-to-school season! Whether you’re a college student getting ready to embark on an out-of-state adventure or a parent hauling your children off to dance class and soccer games - you’re about to spend a whole lot more time in your vehicle.

It’s safe to say that your life is extremely busy, and you don’t necessarily have time to worry about the cleanliness of your vehicle. Thankfully, getting your car clean at Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash is a time you can sit back and relax. Let the pros handle the dirty work for you so your car outshines everything else!

Find out why our customers say we’re the best car detailing in Plano. Here are some of the reasons to visit us today!

Sanitize Your Interior

When’s the last time you fully sanitized your car’s interior? With a growing concern regarding the spread of germs, cleanliness is of utmost importance this year. Protect your ride and prepare for passengers with Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash $40 Interior Disinfectant. Our specialized compressed air gun sprays fine mist in all the places you can’t reach including the inside of A/C vents, seat belts, headliners, seats, door panels, trunks, and more - *With the purchase of a Mini Detail; available at full-service Plano location only.

Get a Superior Shine

Let’s face it, cars look better (and newer) with a fresh wax. Protect your vehicle from the elements of the upcoming year and show off a superior shine in the pickup line with a $60 Wax from Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash (price based on 2 rows of seats). We use premium carnauba wax with blended silicones and polymers to add richness, depth of color, and high gloss protection. With our clean car guarantee, you can receive another Max Exterior Wash within 5 days of your receipt for any reason.

Relax with a Complimentary Beer or Wine

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Tommy Terrific’s is no ordinary car wash. Not only do we offer an incredible range of green services for a luxurious clean, our Plano (Flagship) location is the only car wash in Texas you can drink at! When you visit Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash, you can feel free to relax, plug in your laptop, and connect to our free WiFi with a drink in hand - we’ll handle the rest! When you purchase a $30 Max Full Service clean and up, we’ll even include a complimentary beverage.

Visit a Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash location today for the best car wash and car detailing in Plano!