Go Green With Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash

April 29, 2022

After spending so much money on a car, it really is one’s prized possession. And when all the paperwork is done and you’ve got the keys to your brand new ride, the next important thing is making sure that ride of yours is as clean as it can be. Because after all, no one wants to spend all that money just for the ride to get dirty. And then there’s a whole other level to owning a car and it’s about giving back. Just like a car needs to be looked after and maintained, so does the planet. That’s why Tommy Terrific has gone green and can give back by using our services. Here’s how.

Water Capture

One of the first important ways that Tommy Terrific Car wash puts an emphasis on going green is by utilizing something called water capture. We do this because almost all of the work that we do at our stores involves the use of water. That means that it’s a whole lot of water being used. So with that in mind, we use water reclaim systems that capture about 99% of the water we use for the job this way we’re not wasting a valuable resource. This water capture system works hand in hand with the city’s sewage treatment facility for later use. This is why it’s best to come to our shop because when you wash your car at home, there’s no water recycling process going on.


There’s a reason that so many locations in the world are opting out of using the traditional light bulb and instead going for LED lights. And it also happens to be the reason why Tommy Terrific will have you saying they’re the best car wash near me. It’s because LED lighting uses less energy and is better for the environment overall. It’s the lighting of our choice! So make us your nearest car wash choice and come on in to a place that goes the extra mile to ensure that we’re conserving as much energy as possible.

Importance of Going Green

Today, when you look for a nearby car wash, you should always check whether they go green or not because the world needs the extra help. Just like taking small steps to ensure that your car will be looking nice for years to come, it’s important to support local businesses that care about keeping the world in the best shape possible as well. That’s why we go green and make those changes, and that’s why you should too!

Skip your nearest car wash and stop on into Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash today!