How Often Should You Get Your Car Washed?

July 20, 2022

We’ve spoken about the importance of getting your car washed. There are a tremendous amount of benefits to doing so from keeping your car in good condition to giving yourself a little bit of morale. So with there being so many reasons as to why you should wash your car, the question then becomes, how often should you get it washed? Today, we’re going to answer just that and let you know how many times you should be washing your car throughout the year.

When It's Dirty

This one may seem like an obvious tip, but it's actually not. When your car gets dirty, sometimes people actually let it get dirtier. The philosophy goes that if you get it cleaned when it's not too dirty you're wasting money. But the truth of the matter is the more dirty you build up the harder it's going to be the clean. So even if your car is A little bit dirty, you should bring it in. It's best to keep up with the maintenance rather than letting it build up and get dirtier over time.

Before a Trip

You'd probably be looking for the best car wash near me right before a big trip. Because after all, who wants to bring a dirty car across the country. You want to bring your car looking in as best shape whether you're going to the water park, Disneyland, or just to your favorite outdoor adventure. It's always wise to clean your car ahead of time so you can show off when you get there.

After Bad Weather

When should you be looking for the nearest car wash? Check the weather forecast and make sure that you're not washing your car right before bad storm. That would defeat the purpose. There's a misconception that rain is good for your car. Some people think that it's essentially a car wash in and of itself. But that's not true. Rain can be harmful to your cards exterior. So after there's been a bad rainstorm, your best bet is to go get your car washed.

Never Too Often

The truth of the matter is it's never too often to look for a nearby car wash. Washing your car can be a yearly, monthly, or even daily thing. You're allowed to take pride in your car. You're allowed to love getting it cleaned. And that's why Tommy Terrific is here to help. We're always prime and ready to get your car washed so you can go on that big trip, head to that night's party, or just have a nice and clean for the grocery store.

Skip your nearest car wash and stop on into Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash today!