How to Spot a Bad Car Wash

July 18, 2022

Here at Tommy Terrific's Car Wash, we're always talking about the benefits of using a car wash, especially ours. The reasons to get your car washed on the regular are endless. We could go on all day about the benefits to doing so. And we've also talked at length about what makes a great car wash. But today we want to do the opposite and let you know what to look for to avoid a very bad car wash. This way you never make the mistake of wasting money.

Rude Staff

One sign whether or not you should avoid a car wash is how the staff interacts with you. If they're rude, 9 times out of 10 the service probably isn't all that good. Because if the staff doesn't care enough to treat their customers nicely, then why should they care about the rest of the work? This is probably the top sign that you should find a new car wash.

No Customers

What do some of the best car wash near me all have in common? It's that they have a long line of customers down the block. That's usually one of the best signs that a car wash is great, they can't keep up with their own demand. Barring off hours, if you see the place it's completely empty nearly all the time, that probably means that this service isn't all that great. This isn't one of the worst signs that you can find, but it's a good indicator that no one's buying what they're selling. You should keep on looking.

Bad Reviews

Before you head out to the nearest car wash, you should always look at the reviews first. The beauty of that is we live in a day and age where it's not hard to find a review on a service. That's why the internet is awesome. Because with one quick Google search, you can find out all you need to know about a car wash. Granted, not all reviews of trustworthy. But if you see a bunch of them putting down the car wash and saying that their services aren't that great, it's probably a good bet that is true.

You Had a Bad Experience

We're all guilty of it at one point. Let's say you went to the nearby car wash and found their services not to be all that up to par. But you took a chance and went back. And it sucked again. This is a clear sign that they're not all that good. There's no better indicator than your own experience. Trust your gut, don't waste money on services that aren't making you happy. And more importantly don't waste money on services that are not getting the job done.

Skip your nearest car wash and stop on into Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash today!