Places to Avoid Parking Your Car After a Carwash

August 1, 2022

It can be one of the most annoying experiences;  parking your car after getting it washed and then realizing that it's filthy again. It happens to us all. And you can't look at it as a waste of money or anything like that. Mistakes happen. There is part of life. But there are ways to prevent those mistakes a lot better than just leaving things on a whim.  So today we're going to give you some tips on where you should avoid parking right after getting a car washed.

Under Trees

This is one of the worst places to park especially in the summertime when the leaves are the perfect place for birds to hide out in. The winter is not so bad because birds aren't in the trees as much. But in the summertime in the warmer months, you want to avoid parking your car under a tree at all cost. Because you'll wind up finding a lot of bird residue from feathers to bird excrement. And that's the last thing that you want to happen right after getting your car squeaky clean at the car wash. Do you want to keep it as clean as possible? Then parking it under the tree will not do that by any means.

Under Street Lamps

You'll probably be looking for the best car wash near me after parking your car under a Street Lamp because they act a lot like trees do in terms of being a hideout for birds.  They're tall structures which is the perfect place for birds to sit on and rest. But if you park your car right under it then you going to be in for some trouble. Because birds will have no problem pooping right over it.  It can be a really messy situation. And again it's the last thing that you want to find right after washing your car.

Under Overpasses

You'll definitely be looking for the nearest car wash If you've parked your car underneath an overpass. Overpasses can be a million times worse when compared to trees and street lamps. So many birds congregate under overpasses which makes for a breeding ground for dirt and grime for your car. Not to mention all the bird poop as well. So if you see an overpass and that's the only place to park, your best bet is to start driving around because you definitely don't want to risk your car getting filthy.

Use Common Sense

You won't need to use your nearby car wash if you use your common sense instead. If you feel like the area where you're parking your car is safe and isn't an attraction for animals like birds and other rodents, then go park your car there. You'll be saving time and money.

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