Every Service that Tommy Terrific's Car Wash Offers

October 18, 2021

While remaining one of the best car wash in Dallas, we here at Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash understand the importance of providing drivers with great services. Because every car needs specialized treatment. Not all drivers have the same driving habits nor do they drive on the same daily terrain. This means that you need more than a one size fits all model for washing cars. Today, we’re going to go over the many services Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash offers to keep your car clean and shiny.

Full Service

We call it a full-service car wash option because, with this one, you’re not skimping on any details. You’re getting the works. When you go full service with us you have the choice of including Good Exterior, Better Exterior, MAX Exterior, MAX Full Service, Mat Cleaning, Mini, Detail, Hand Wash, Leather Care, Interior Disinfectant, and Wax. As you can see, with this selection we leave no stone unturned in making sure that every inch of your car has the ability to get cleaned from the varying elements on the outside to the very fine detailed leather of the interior. If you need your car heavily cleaned, this is the option for you.

Express Wash

We’re a Car wash in Dallas that not only loves to provide great service to our drivers, leaving their cars as clean as could be, but we also love to give back. The express wash cuts down on some of the selections from the full-service menu and you get a more streamlined cleaning that includes our Good Exterior option, Better Exterior option, and our Max Exterior option. But the best part of this selection is our FREE VACUUM and FREE MAT CLEANING add-on.

Max Shield

Car washes in Dallas understand the power that comes with providing the best clean that a car can get. That’s why with our Max Shield option you’ll get our MAX Clean which includes hot penetrating shampoo preps for maximum cleaning.

MAX Shine is a polish that restores shine and surface clarity for optimum appearance.

MAX Rinse which is a waterfall application fully rinses exterior neutralizing paint surface

And our popular MAX Seal is a ceramic coating that creates a wear-resistant chemical bond to the exterior.

Monthly Plans

Before you check out a touchless car wash in Dallas, know that cars need regular cleaning. To keep your car’s coat looking fresh for years to come, you need to hit the car wash at least once a month. That’s why we created our monthly plans so that you can get peace of mind when opening your wallet for the car wash. It’s already taken care of with our MAX Monthly and Good Monthly plans. Think of them as subscriptions for your car.

If you need a car wash in the Dallas area, bring your car down to Tommy Terrific’s Car wash today!