Important things to remember when getting your car washed

November 5, 2021

Tommy Terrific’s car wash didn’t become the best car wash in Dallas just because we do an exceptional job at washing cars. No, there’s a lot more to it than that, from great customer service to know all there is about getting your car clean, Tommy Terrific also specializes in handing out some expert tips on things that you should remember when it comes to washing your car. Because at the end of the day, there are a few things you should remember.

All soaps aren’t equal

Car’s are very durable machines. They’re meant to last a long time inside and out. But they’re also quite sensitive when it comes to what you’re washing your car with. Not all soaps are right for the job and some soaps can even damage your vehicle because they’re not meant for the type of paint that cars have. When it comes to soaps used for car washing, you should always stick to soaps specifically made for car washing. They’re designed to make sure that nothing will happen to your paint job and instead, you’ll wind up with a squeaky clean ride.

Check the weather

If you go to a Car wash in Dallas, chances are, the weather is going to be hot. That’s one reason why you should always check the weather beforehand. Because if you’re washing your car yourself and you don’t realize that it’s going to be 95 degrees out, you’re going to be in rough shape when it's all said and done. Another reason that you should pay attention to the weather is that you don’t

Don’t Powerwash

Car washes in Dallas will tell you, don’t power wash your car at home if it’s your first time washing your car. This is because even those who have been using a powerwash for years can easily damage the paint with how much force is involved in a power washer. Those tools are designed to take of things like lawns, sidewalks, and homes, but they’re not designed to clean cars. Instead, car washes are designed especially for this with specialized equipment that is pressurized at the perfect setting for cars to go through on a daily basis.

Choose a reputable car wash

Whether you choose a regular car wash or a touchless car wash in Dallas, you never want to skimp on quality. This is the car that we’re talking about. It’s a huge investment worth thousands of dollars. That means that you only want the best in the field washing your cars. Don’t waste time and money on products that won’t match the quality service of those who know best!

If you need a car wash bring your car down to Tommy Terrific’s Car wash today!